• March 6, 2021

How To Make Money On Instagram – Money Tree v13

How To Make Money On Instagram Artificial Hacker

How To Make Money On Instagram – Money Tree v13

How To Make Money On Instagram – Money Tree v13 960 540 Artificial Hacker

Hello all. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back for making the first step to autopilot success as I will show you how to make money on Instagram. This is the guide I have used for almost 2 years now doing nothing but meeting famous people and the best of all.. getting paid the big bucks! Meeting famous people you said? Correct! Although you don’t have to, you will get invited to a ton of

large events and private parties using this method. So let’s go ahead and show you How To Make Money On Instagram

What we will be doing is using a Social Media (SM) Panel to resell Instagram/YouTube/Twitter/Spotify likes, follows, views, comments etc. Now you may think.. “Well you said we don’t have to work?”. Correct, you will not be the one doing any of the reselling. In this guide for the purpose of simplicity along with not trying to overwhelm you. We will only be demonstrating the Instagram side of things although

they do all work the same. I HIGHLY suggest you set up accounts on other SM platforms performing the same actions, this will increase the amount of income and coverage you can get like crazyyyyyy!!!! With the panel I am providing you will get insanely cheap prices compared to the average consumer market now..

Whenever you search online to buy views/followers etc. The prices are INSANE .

What they sell to everyone else for $1,000.. We can charge $100.. If not, less. Now you may be thinking.. “Well why would I want to do that if I can sell for more?” This is where you become a BOSS.  What we will be doing is reaching out to a certain audience I will describe below and getting these people to sell for us. These types of people know the perfect crowd that buys these services everyday all day!

We will be reaching out to the Social Media Hip-Hop industry. Hip-Hop/Rap is the fastest growing music genre there is. With social media being the only way to get fame in today’s world, there are millions and millions of underground artists that simply can not blow up because they don’t have the following they need to be seen. Now you are probably wondering.. How in the hell are we going to get in front of these millions of people?

It’s easy. As you know the artists themselves are the only ones making the big bucks, whilst all of their photographers, producers, graphic designers, etc are getting paid pennies just to make other people famous.

Now however on Social Media a big artists photographer etc has a HUGE following usually and knows everyone, yet they are unfortunately… Broke for the most part.

So with this guide you will be reaching out to them and getting them to sell for you. They will post on their stories, hit up managers they know, everyone and have sales flowing in like bees after you hit their nest.

I can not stress this enough, do NOT waste your time contacting the rappers themselves. Go after the people as described above, I will link some examples below. However.. Do not waste your time messaging them as they are examples and hundreds of you will be seeing the same profile. Do not waste your time or theirs.

Now how will we get them to sell for us? Let’s talk some numbers so you can get an idea on how everyone will be getting paid. These numbers are a rough estimate of what you will find on the market. I have found this to be a fair price yet on the tad bit cheaper side. You can find these easily, but it does indeed pay off to pay for the higher quality services in the long run.

There are not many places you can go to find these wholesalers online, you have to find the underground and owner based 1-1 WEBSITES, not big companies which everyone else has access to. Anyone else would not know about sites such as HackForums.net etc.

How To Make Money On Instagram, With the website(s) I will be linking at the bottom of this guide, your prices should vary in the ranges set below;

Our cost:

1,000 Followers – $0.10 // $0.20

1,000 Likes – $0.001 (Less than a penny)

1,000 Views – $0.002 (Less than a penny)

What we charge them: 1,000 Followers – $2.50 1,000 Likes – $2.00

1,000 Views – $2.00

What our sellers will sell – How To Make Money On Instagram:

1,000 Followers – $5.00

1,000 Likes – $5.00

1,000 Views – $5.00

Now what we will be doing is charging them anywhere from $1.00 to $2.50 per 1,000x quantity of a service. The cheaper you make it, the more of a drive they will have to sell for you. And most of the time people will buy anywhere from 50,000 to 500,000x worth of services. Sometimes less, sometimes more. So you can go ahead and do the math. Crazy numbers for you practically doing nothing.

This strategy is not your normal “oh were just reselling”. No. When you try to resell something on this scale, even the elite and known in the field are only coming out making pennies.

Now how will you get in touch with these people? You can go to Instagram and

look up artists. If you aren’t familiar with Hip-Hop/Rap just look up on YouTube

“Trending Hip Hop”, click on some playlist and search for artists names. Now you will

want to look them up on the respected SM platform(s) and do some research..

See who they follow, see who they tagged on their pictures, big people who commented on their pictures and what not. You will want to search out and not message the artists themselves but their team that makes them. You want to only reach out to ones with anywhere from 10k Followers up to 100k Followers.

How To Make Money On Instagram

To catch their eye you will want to Direct Message them and comment

under their pictures telling them to “Check DM // Business Inquiry”. Before doing this

you will want to go ahead and make yourself a boosted account. You want to pay a

few bucks and put 10-20k followers on your account, have at least 3 pictures on your

profile and bot them to 1k-3k likes per photo. You can make your Instagram page

 whatever you’d like, I always preferred just using my personal. You know… Selfies and

pictures of my dog 🙂

**This is an updated paragraph however, How To Make Money On Instagram”

I’d like to throw in that a lot of you asked… Well, what do I post? BE YOU. If you want to post a couple selfies, go for it. Don’t want to show your face? Google random

cool stuff you’re into. The main point is to make you not look like a robot spam profile. Robot spam profiles don’t have pictures, hell of followers, likes etc. For your Bio Box on your Instagram profile. Keep it short and simple. Try to use an emoji or two as well 🙂 DO NOT PROMOTE YOUR SERVICE IN YOUR BIO.

What that does is draw their attention and shows that you really can bot these accounts so that they trust you off the rip. Now for your example text on what you should DM them, I’ll list one below. (Do not copy/paste, be unique)

“Hey! You seem to be the perfect salesman for my business, you can make between $800 up to $2,500 a week with the audience you have and the service I provide. Please lmk if you’re interested! Here’s my phone number                                                    

Now send this out to as many of the right clientele that you can a day.

*How To Make Money On InstagramKey note; Do not spam or copy and paste, you will get DM limited or banned for a period of time. Please take a few minute intervals in between contacting, and switch up the text. Like some pictures in between and what not.

Whenever they say they are interested simply brief them over what you do and that you have your own custom coded bot that can provide up to millions of

followers/likes/etc that’s why you can sell for so cheap. That’s why they can make so much money so on and so on… Then do some smooth business with them. If they ask to see it or what not, just tell them your business is yours, and theirs is theirs. They are real businessmen and will respect you saying that and understand.

They will get sales, pay you your cut, you buy the service for pennies, and pocket the profit. Now everyone leaves happy. Your salesman, their client, the bot company, and most importantly yourself.

Not to forget, please make your profile look like a real person. By that I mean; don’t have a picture of a car as your profile picture. Don’t have a weird and or blank bio. If you already have a personal Instagram account, it works out even better. Just use that one. If not, please try to make it look real as possible. A few pictures of you, family, friends, so on and so on. Whatever you would upload on your own.

You don’t want to make it look like you’re hiding your identity because then people will not trust you. In this industry it’s all about faces (for the most part) and the only ones who don’t show their face much are the graphics artist. So being able to put a face behind your service will improve your sales by an immeasurable amount.

There may be one or two of you who have heard of SMM panels in the past, yet this is something completely new with the best twist on it. If you go to marketing agencies and try to do this, it won’t work the same. But with this niche and mass group of targets we will be hitting some crazy numbers.

Our Website: ArtificialHacker.com


How To Make Money On Instagram – The Link Below Will Help You To Get Started.


** PSA: BulkFollows is not affiliated by me or my method in any means.

I personally have always just used them. However as of recently with all of the heavy traffic from you guys, there have been a few issues pop up apparently. Please use at your own risk, as I don’t own a SMM panel myself, I can not suggest anymore that I can guarantee.

(I am only linking one website; you can find many of the underground ones on sites like HackForums.net for the wholesale cheap prices)

If you do decide to use BulkFollows, please go under Cheap Services. The prices are not an exact match up with the examples above but you can find ones that are cheap with browsing. I have just decided to stay loyal with them as they always treated me well.

How To Make Money On Instagram

Instagram Account Examples

These are not accounts that I am saying will 100% reply. It’s like fishing, you won’t catch a fish in a tree. But I can suggest where you should fish for the best bites.


*These people have been contacted already and asked to be used as an example and will not use your service, this is simply people I know or have done business with before. If they tell me you messaged them… I’ll no longer offer support or refund <3 all luv though. *






Now you may be thinking, why did you link somebody with 2 MILLION followers? Well, in this case this user has his business email in his bio which means he’s ready to make money and will read what you send him. Whenever you find accounts like that, do not message them unless you are ready to handle all of the traffic that is about to come.

However, the @shotbyndoh and @thenathanx accounts are the ideal accounts you want to go for. Those are the most hoping and genuine people to go after. Not too much money they feel they don’t need you, not too less money where they are just lazy.

Now the other accounts are a mix of photographers, fan pages, and management. These are just random accounts that have the perfect following to promote your service and work for you. They also are making some money already, but not much at all. You have to be very stereotypical and judge people in this business to have good turnover rates on contacting/money made.


How To Make Money On Instagram Tips

“Yo buddy! I was checking ya out and got a dope ass opportunity for you! If you’re interested shoot me back a DM bro. Not no funny shit”

–    Now let’s go over exactly why we would say a DM like that from top to bottom. First off, “Yo buddy!” what this does is – it’s a friendly opening and makes you not sound like a robot. If you hit them with a “Hello sir.”.. That is too warm and firm, you want to sound casual and not like you have sent this to 100

other people. And you’re using “slang”. Everyone in this scene is young, and hip. So when they are doing business usually, that’s how they talk.. Now whenever I said “I was checking ya out”..

That shows that I was interested in them and only them. It shows that they have something special about them and that they feel wanted, so it makes them more curious. Now let’s move to “Dope ass opportunity for you!”, do you notice how I said nothing about money off the rip? That’s because you want to sound fuzzy, you don’t want to think that’s the only thing they are worth. Do you understand how many times a day all they

feel wanted for is money? A LOT. Now lets go to the “Not no funny shit   ” We are once again using slang and letting them

know this isn’t your typical CPA PPD or SHOUTOUT 4


emoji.. That may sound crazy. But if you add the right emojis does it not only show you’re real, it shows you got character. Now all of your initial DM’s should look like this. Then after proceed to comment on one of their pictures and like a few to get their attention. If they just posted a picture, don’t bother. Their notifications are being flooded.


–    You will be botting an Instagram account and making it look REAL. Not like some random scammer behind a desk across the country. Bot the account up to around 10-15k, and continue to bot it if your followers drop. Make the account look active. Then you will contact people in the RAP/HIPHOP music industry and ask people with big followings already (Under 100k) to sell for you and then the prices you guys come up with is how much profit you will be making.

This is copied from another source so dont blame me for the poor english, just getting out into your hands, good luck.

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