Intuition: The Powerful Ability Rooted in Your DNA – Deborah King

The governing gland is the pineal, which is in the center of your head, close to your eyes; sight is the major sense here. Called the “seat of the soul,” the pineal gland uses light fluctuations to produce the hormones that control over 100 body functions.

In the fifth chakra, you got information in the form of vibration or sound and through symbols like words. But here, in the sixth chakra, you get information in the form of images through light. You see light in the form of color, which is produced by the various frequencies in the light’s wavelengths. The lower chakras’ colors—red, orange, and yellow—are a lower frequency. As you go up the chakras, the higher ones are green, blue, lilac, and white or gold. The lilac color of this chakra conveys peace and tranquility.

The basic principle, then, of the sixth chakra is image formation, where you create, receive, interpret, and store visual information on the internal screen of your mind.

This energy center governs what you see, what you imagine, and what you psychically and intuitively perceive. The upward movement into this chakra is one of transcendence—moving up from the body into the mind where you can go beyond the limitations of your physical nature and the normal limitations of time and space. Here, you can remember an experience of the past, as well as imagine the future. This is also the realm of imagination, where you can expand your consciousness and receive information in ways beyond your basic five senses and beyond the physical plane.

One of the benefits of transcending the limitations of time and space is that you get to expand beyond your small, personal identity and gain entry to the unified field—the infinite source of all information—past, present, and future—and receive valuable guidance. You can do this through specific intuitive abilities like telepathy (that’s a way of communicating thoughts directly between us); getting information regarding the future (that’s called “precognition”), or information about remote locations (also called “remote viewing”), and visuals (that’s called “clairvoyance”).

So, the sixth chakra is the source of intuition. That’s the ability to sense a situation through non-logical means, which may or may not include images on the internal screen of your mind.

Let me assure you, you have innate intuitive abilities and are already using your intuition every day. Maybe you know who’s calling before you look down at your phone. Or perhaps you can sense when somebody in your family is sick before anyone else. Or maybe you could intuit that your partner was cheating before he/she told you. You have these kinds of “knowings” because the gift of intuition is inherent in your cellular memory.

Another aspect of the sixth chakra is memory. The experiences of your past are stored in memory. Whenever you remember something from your past, you are calling up its image and projecting it upon your internal mind screen.

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