Stress Reset with Dr. Doni (Episode 90)

Dr. Doni Wilson is a nationally celebrated naturopathic doctor, certified professional midwife (CPM), and certified nutrition specialist (CNS), who helps high performers reverse engineer health by understanding genetic tendencies (such as MTHFR) and helping them to recover from stress exposure. Her clients report peak energy, restful sleep, optimal weight and memory, enhanced fertility, and an overall sense of “feeling younger.”

Dr. Doni is the best selling author of The Stress Remedy (2013), Stress Remedies (2014), Stress Warrior (2018) and The Natural Insomnia Solution (2018). She is an international speaker, including at naturopathic medical schools and naturopathic conferences from Hawaii and Vancouver, BC to New Hampshire and New York.

Her research and approach to health optimization has been featured on TV, radio, podcasts, and print, including GOOP, Natural Solutions Magazine, First for Women Magazine, Huffington Post, Elle Magazine, Inspiyr Magazine, Mind Body Green, Energy Times, Fox News, and more. She publishes a blog and podcast at, and is the owner of Nature Empowered Nutritionals and Cat Care, a not-for-profit dedicated to animal rights.

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