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From several Broadway shows to major New Year’s Eve celebrations, a number of events in the U.S. have been canceled recently due to a new variant of the coronavirus. Omicron has already caused surges in several parts of the country, and virus experts are warning that the variant’s spread is expected to continue into January, per The New York Times. The situation is eerily similar to the Delta variant’s surge over the summer, but the now-dominant Omicron is spreading even faster. Health officials implemented vaccine mandates during the height of Delta, and now that additional shots have proven even more important at stopping the new variant, some are turning to booster mandates amid Omicron’s spread.

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Certain performing groups and venues in Los Angeles are getting ready to implement booster requirements, the Los Angeles Times reports. Patrons attending Los Angeles Philharmonic concerts and Los Angeles Master Chorale events at Disney Concert Hall, as well as Center Theatre Group performances at the Ahmanson Theatre and Mark Taper Forum will need to show proof of a booster dose in mid-January.

The Music Center, which operates these three venues, announced that its booster mandate will go into effect on Jan. 17, which is in line with policy updates by the L.A. Phil, Los Angeles Master Chorale, and Center Theatre Group. The organization also operates a fourth theatre, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, which will be subject to the new booster requirement as well.

This mandate will have some leniency to it. According to the Music Center’s announcement, individuals who cannot provide proof of full vaccination and a booster can opt to present proof of a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours of their event or a negative antigen test taken within 24 hours, provided it is not an at-home test.

“In most cases, guests who are eligible for the booster but who have been unable to get it will be offered a one-month grace period,” the Music Center also noted. But the individual performing groups may have stricter requirements.

In an update posted Dec. 22, the L.A. Phil said that it will require that all audience members eligible to receive a booster dose show proof of this additional shot starting Jan. 18. The orchestra will be allowing a one-month grace period for those who become eligible after to schedule and receive their booster dose, but after one month has passed, entry into L.A. Phil performances will not be allowed “until a booster has been received.” The Los Angeles Master Chorale’s vaccination policy currently makes no mention of a testing alternative either, nor mentions a grace period to receive the booster.

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Booster mandates are popping up more and more among various sectors, including universities, restaurants, and health care facilities. A few other entertainment venues and performing groups in the U.S. have set booster mandates for next year as well. Both New York’s Metropolitan Opera and the Sundance Film Festival will be requiring audiences to show proof of a booster shot early on in 2022. The Met Opera was one of the first major performing arts organizations to announce that it would be updating its vaccination policy with an audience booster requirement, set for Jan. 17, per The New York Times.

“We think we should be setting an example,” Peter Gelb, the general manager of the Met, told The New York Times on Dec. 15. “Hopefully we will have an influence on other performing arts companies as well. I think it’s just a matter of time—everyone is going to be doing this.”

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