How to Build Your Emotional Agility and Resilience – Susan David, Ph.D. & Joan Rosenberg, Ph.D. – #887

…you’ll learn that being adaptive to change is a skill you can cultivate. One of the most sustainable ways to keep going with the flow is knowing how to build emotional awareness. These two guests give tips on managing your emotional states so you can be more resilient in all areas of your life.

Expert psychologist, trainer and speaker Joan Rosenberg, Ph.D., (top left in photo) guides yoou to achieve your highest potential by teaching you how to be in control of your own emotions. 

Award-winning Harvard Medical School psychologist Susan David, Ph.D., (top right in photo) describes all the psychological skills necessary for you to thrive in uncertain times. She challenges the common attitude that you have to “fix” your difficult emotions through positive thinking. 

“Emotional agility is about the capacity to be with ourselves,” Susan says. “That includes our difficult thoughts and emotions and stories and past experiences in a way that’s compassionate and curious and that doesn’t hold us back from being the people that we most want to be.”

Since you can’t get away from emotions, there’s power in knowing how to deal with them. “We’ve got to be able to reconnect with ourselves so that we can move forward in the world,” Susan says.

Get ready to learn some foundational skills that will make you an emotional agility pro.

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