Causes, Solutions and Why It’s Normal – Dr. Paul Thompson – #886

The conversation looks at the pros and cons of eating meat, what your cholesterol numbers really mean, and why cardiovascular health matters at every age.

Guys, listening to this, if your doctor isn’t asking you for Lp-PLA2, which is an enzyme that’s expressed when there’s damage to your arteries, then you have a problem. If they aren’t looking at C-reactive protein, you have a problem; and if they’re not looking at homocysteine, you have a problem. So, you could ask your doctor for them or you could ask your doctor, “Hey, what do you know about these?”

You’ll also find out why oral health is so important and why you have to pay attention to your nitric oxide production.

Dr. Thompson talks about the at-home device he helped develop at Launch Medical (he’s chief medical officer there) that’s pioneering a solution for erectile dysfunction. It’s based on clinical acoustic wave therapy treatment. “Acoustic wave is really simple and it works, and it has to do with the growth of blood vessels,” he explains. The Phoenix device helps men improve and/or restore their sexual functioning.

Guys and women who love guys or guys who love guys, this thing is real technology. It does work, it is not too good to be true, and it’s worth talking about.

This conversation takes any embarrassment or shame out of the ED equation and gets into the details of plaque, blood flow and how you can find a fix and reclaim your sexual health.


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