The Stress-Sleep Connection That’s Keeping You Up at Night – Dr. Dave Rabin – #885

…you’ll learn about the impact of chronic stress in humans, how it wrecks your sleep and what you can do about it.

For more than a decade, neuroscientist, board-certified psychiatrist, health tech entrepreneur and inventor Dave Rabin (an M.D. and Ph.D.) has been immersed in the science of stress. He’s been researching causes and ways to manage it. He’s also been helping people deal with the consequences of both acute and chronic stress.

He’s back on the show (don’t miss episodes #729 and #730) to talk about how stress disturbs systems of your body and mind, which, of course, affects your sleep.

Stress is not inherently bad because we require it to grow, Dr. Rabin says. “We require the stress to help us learn how to overcome the challenges that are signaled by the stress to become better, stronger, fuller versions of ourselves.” … “There are the situations where we start to see acute stress that can be healthy and very helpful to growth turn into chronic stress,” he continues. “And that chronic stress increases inflammation on a daily basis. It’s that chronic stress that increases likelihood of disease.”

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