Where are we in the universal cycle of light and dark? – Deborah King

If you’ve wondered why you have a certain pull towards spirituality now, why teachings about energy medicine are starting to enter mainstream awareness, and why so many of the patriarchal beliefs and institutions that came out of a Kali yuga mentality are now crumbling before our eyes, it’s because we are on the path back to the light. Sort of like Amen-Ra, we are waking up as children of the light. We’re taking our first steps into higher consciousness, or we’re here to guide others along in their awakening process. Enlightened beings, after all, are those who have merged with the light.

Next week we’ll look at the cycle of light and dark as we approach Winter Solstice, December 21st, the darkest day of the year and the return of the light. And you’ll learn what you can do to greet the light, the dawn of a new year, the start of yet another circle around the sun for our planet.

In the meantime, ramp up your meditation practice, as this is the time of year when it can bring you closest to Spirit!

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