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The point of this video is to sell Chocolate Shakes
Gundry is not wrong about everything, but the discussion deserves a lot of attention, there are many nuanced aspects that need to be discussed in detail, unfortunately we are all victims of bad information and much of this has to do with the concepts

“Everything you have been told is a lie” Fear mongering, it is not that everything is a lie,
It is more that there is a lot of conflicting information and advertising like this is a big part of the problem.
Weight loss is used an incentive to get you to watch
“Dr Gundry has solved the weight loss mystery”
“Ran 30 miles a week and hit the 1 hour per day gym but could not lose weight” (about 11 hours per week),
This can happen, we have all seen weight gain, advancement of autoimmune disease and type II diabetes

Plant Paradox Book, I did a review of this book a few years ago and I intend to do a new one

“Improve Heart Health , Lose Weight, Strengthen Bones, Improve digestive discomfort, more regular bowel movement, support brain health, Healthy Blood Pressure, improved blood sugar levels.”
While many people start a diet for weight loss we like to emphasize overall health first.

“Healthy Protein helps fill you up and stop food cravings”
Protein and Fat do make you feel satisfied and stop hunger, Gundry does not mention fat here.

“Toxic food? Truth about protein.
Does not include giving up meat?”
Lomalinda University,

Loma Linda university is a Seventh Day Adventist organization, the Seventhday Adventist or a Christian cult that promotes a plant based diet or “The Garden of Eden Diet” based on a self Proclaimed Prophet of God named Ellen G. White.

“Protein ignites thermogenesis,”
It can, the question is to what extent, about 30% of the protein is consumed in the process of converting protein to energy, the body tends to use protein as energy last after is has used carbohydrates and fat first. Many people are afraid of protein because they think it will constantly raise blood sugar through a process known as gluconeogenesis. Since many low carb people also have an aversion to carbohydrates, this leaves fat alone as a fuel source. I like to point out that the body needs protein to rebuild tissues, including bones, muscles, joints, organs and fluids. If you eat too much fat and not enough protein, then your body will not have the amino acids it needs to rebuild and utilize in other important processes. I think the fear of protein and gluconeogenesis is overblown. (Ted Niemen PE ratio, )

Protein Hack?
Stronger bones YES

Site studies on protein and muscle health

Red Meat is Correlated with XXX,
These studies are based on dietary epidemiology and do not demonstrate causation nor do they take into consideration other factors like, Smoking, Alcohol Consumption, sedentary lifestyle etc. We need to look at known factors like the ‘healthy user bias’.

Harvard University is made of more than one school and these schools have put out conflicting data on nutrition. Dr. Gundry is Cherry Picking reports to suit his bias and not telling the whole story.
“Over consumption of red meat “ What does that mean? What studies Dr Gundry is talking about?
13% increase per ounce of red meat? All the Carnivores should be dead already? And why do Vegans, Vegetarians and Doctors die from heart disease at the same rate as everyone else?
Hotdogs, 1 per day, raises your risk of heart disease by 20%,
again who eats hotdogs everyday, how could you ever do a study on this?
IGF1 PMC3988204
“Low protein intake is associated with a major reduction in IGF-1, cancer, and overall mortality in the 65 and younger but not older population”…These results suggest that low protein intake during middle age followed by moderate to high protein consumption in old adults may optimize healthspan and longevity.
Mouse study? Mice do not have the same capacity nor demand for protein that humans do, mice would not choose to eat high protein on their own. Lab mice are selectively bred to
grow tumors.
PMID: 31631676
Nutrition and longevity – From mechanisms to uncertainties
Genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors primarily determine the lifespan of humans.
PMID: 12489270
Modifiable risk factors for colon cancer


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