The Heroic Thai Diver Rescue Will Teach You About Generosity – Deborah King

Because giving feels better (is of a higher vibration) than hoarding does, it becomes a habit over time. “Let me help you with that.” “I’m here. How can I help?” Talk about a natural endorphin rush – generosity can make both you and the recipient of your generosity feel like a million!

Sharing your time with another is an act of generosity.

Holding only good thoughts for others is an act of generosity.

There are literally hundreds of seemingly small touches of generosity that have been the turning point in so many lives. There are stories of men and women who returned to their benefactor — who perhaps had just smiled at them one day — to tell them that they were on their way to kill themselves, but that their one gesture of “I see you – sending love!” made them realize that there was still joy and goodness alive in the world, and they decided to stick around and experience more of it.

Right now, especially during this pandemic, there is so much disconnection, despite all our efforts on social media, that a lot of people feel unseen, unknown, and unloved. The suicide rate has escalated enormously. This is the perfect time to watch for ways to be generous with your time, your talent, your money. It’s always time for generosity. It doesn’t take a worldwide pandemic to help us realize we’re holding each other by mere thread in so many cases. Every single act of generosity, no matter how small, adds bulk and substance to the thread, building those threads into cords, and cords into ropes, and ropes into cables.

I love the saying, “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try going to bed with a mosquito in your room.”

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