Dr: Gundry – Lectins & Beyond: How Eating Out-of-Season Makes You Fat

Science says eating just one meal per day can improve your health.

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Dr. Gundry is the best-selling author of The Plant-Paradox and the upcoming The Longevity Paradox.

In this show, we discuss a range of topics related to gut health, immunity, longevity and fat loss.

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04:31 We were designed to eat, our genetics are designed to interact with and our microbiome are designed to interact with certain plants that make you healthy.
05:39 Getting to know a lectin in 500 years is Speed Dating in evolution.
08:38 Many types of plants want you to eat their fruit.
10:01 A plant puts protection inside the plant in the form of lectins when a hard covering is not made for the seeds.
11:40 If you want to gain weight, eat fruit.
13:29 We are only supposed to eat fruit once a year.
13:58 A small amount of glucose 15 minutes after a workout will allow protein to be better delivered to muscle cells.Use a resistant starch for this.
15:00 There is nothing wrong with starches as long as they are slowly delivered.
15:17 We have added lectins to tomatoes and corn, genetically engineering them to be insect resistant.
17:22 Roundup is now in Europe.
18:43 Much olive oil is adulterated.
19:26 Polyphenols are sunburn protection for the plant. The higher in altitude a plant grows, the fruit has more polyphenol content.
20:13 Polyphenols in olive oil stimulate neuron growth and memory in humans.
21:53 With the consumption of olive oil, lots of plants, and red wine, you can eat meat without the production of TMAO. TMAO is part of the reason that those of us with more plant based diets have less coronary artery disease.
25:12 Wine is a beverage that you consume during the meal.
26:24 Glyphosate is in nearly all California wines, accidently even some of the organic wines.
28:03 Sulfur is critical for mitochondrial function and critical for producing glutathione – the ultimate free radical oxygen scavenger.
34:32 The chewing and chopping process release the bioactive compounds better than if you don’t chew or chop.
36:20 Tannins are a protective system of the plant found in higher levels in red wine and walnuts. For some, tannins stimulate a migraine headache.
37:40 Essential oils may have compounds that are antinutrients. Be cautious.
38:10 Eat chocolate that is non-alkali. Polyphenols in chocolate make your brain cells grow.
39:26 Our microbiome changes by the season. Long lived cultures change their diet seasonally.
40:24 The way you treat the wall of our intestine determines how long you will live and how well you live.
40:38 Measure zonulin as a test for leaky gut. Dr. Gundry also measures TNF-Alpha. It reflects how many lectins are being eaten.
41:06 Lectins are probably a major contributor to coronary artery disease. Removing lectins from the diet reverses an autoimmune attack on your coronary arteries.
43:35 Oxidized cholesterol is bad for you. Polyphenols prevent this oxidation.
45:00 There is an association with red meat consumption and increased cancer and increased heart disease.
45:33 There is a sugar molecule in the blood vessels in the meat of pigs, lamb and beef called Neu5Gc. Our blood stream violently reacts to this molecule.
46:28 Tumors use Neu5Gc to hide from our immune system.
48:20 Lectins in meat come from the lectins in foods eaten by the animal. Grass fed and grass finished meat does not produce them.
52:24 Eat for your bacteria, not for you.
54:08 Dr. Gundry’s desert island nutrient/food is leaves.


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