Homeschooling, Streetfighting, Freedom, & More With Jesse Elder

Texas man, fellow homeschooler, a man after my own heart, and today’s podcast guest, Jesse Elder is a self-described “Millionaire Mentor,” an Improv Philosopher, a former MMA fighter turned entrepreneur, and also the author of the online course “The Upgraded Life.”

Jesse’s latest quest has been to tackle our human rights, sovereignty, common law vs. statutory law, and many other elements of freedom that are particularly relevant for the times we are currently living in.

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-How Jesse Elder learned the value of true freedom and learning to live with the consequences of one’s decisions…06:30

  • Jesse Elder on Kyle Kingsbury’s podcast
  • Raised by parents who more or less allowed him to discover the world on his own terms
  • Discovered martial arts at age 9; quickly devoted his life to it
  • At age 19, had an encounter that left him disillusioned with what he had learned and was teaching re: martial arts
  • Took up jiu-jitsu and amateur fighting at local bars
  • “I have a body, but I’m not my body”
  • Family and friends felt sorry for Jesse Elder when he was beaten, but this was an epiphany for him on the meaning of true freedom
  • Opened highly profitable martial arts centers employing sound business and marketing principles

-Statutory vs. common law and how the legal system has become a weapon of the state…33:00

  • Jesse Elder began studying law in February 2021
  • It’s actually illegal for the government to assess and collect a tax on private property
  • The U.S. was founded on what’s known as “common law” or “equity law”
  • Each court must be a court of record; magistrate, clerk, jury, etc. aka due process
  • Many forms of law have been added to the common law; has weaponized the legal system for monetary gain
  • If there’s no victim, is there a crime?

-What to do if and when you get pulled over for speeding…39:19

  • Keep your hands visible on the steering wheel
  • “What is your emergency?” you say to the cop (lights are emergency lights)
  • Engaging with the script is treading on dangerous ground
  • They’re trying to bring you into their fictitious world of jurisdiction
  • Tickets are essentially offers of contract – a request for money
  • Any contract that is enforced or assumed, that you didn’t agree to, is a fraud
  • Take the ticket, file an affidavit of status with the magistrate in the jurisdiction you’ve been pulled over
  • Affidavit of Status forum topic on Alphonse Faggiolo’s website

-Fun facts about the IRS and what might happen if you stop filing tax returns…47:11

  • The IRS was founded in 1933, is officially listed as a debt collection agency, and is based in Puerto Rico
  • IRS notices sent through the mail are violating at least 3 federal laws by demanding money via the mail
  • There’s no federal law stating an individual must pay tax on their income
  • Fear and heavy conditioning is the cause for more people not being aware of this
  • Questions to ask of the IRS:
    1. Am I the property of you or your employer?
    2. What is the name of your employer?
    3. Is my body mine, or is it under the control of you or your employer?
    4. Have I consented with my signature any obligation or contract where I’ve relinquished my rights to you or your employer? Have I consented with my signature any obligation or contract agreeing to be governed by your laws, statutes, codes?
    5. Do you have a verified claim to bring to me, from a man or a woman, claiming I have damaged or violated their rights in any way?
    6. Under what authority are you administering my property?

-Resources to begin understanding your rights and sovereignty as an individual…55:45

  • Law dojo
  • Everything taught is subtractive; it’s not what we don’t know, but what we do know that is patently false
  • Does any human being have more rights than another?
  • Threat, influence, persuasion, manipulation cause us to submit to falsehoods

-The significance of your name in ALL CAPS on your birth certificate…1:00:01

-Why the judge is NOT the most powerful person in a courtroom…1:01:35

-Other forms of self-sufficiency Jesse recommends…1:08:30

-And much more…

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