50 Amazing Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Looking for some incredible life hacks?

We scoured the internet and prepared a list of 50 popular life hacks for you to try. Some are more beneficial than others, a couple are rather absurd, and a few are simply wonderful.

These tiny tidbits, hacks, and tweaks can save you a lot of time and trouble — it’d be a waste not to use them!

But first, what exactly are life hacks?

What Exactly Are Life Hacks?

Life hacks are creative tips, tactics, or shortcuts that help with little tasks. They might also be thought of as inventive, improvised solutions to familiar situations.

A true life hack is straightforward and easy to implement — let’s look at some examples!
50 Practical Life Hacks You Can Use Right Now

Do you want to make your life a little bit easier and more convenient? Here are 50 of the most useful life hacks!
DIY Electronics Life Hacks

Let’s begin with some simple do-it-yourself hacks to assist you manage your equipment.
1. How to Organize Your Desk Cables

Do your workstation cords become twisted and jumbled all the time? Are you constantly looking for the right cable? Put a stop to these issues with this simple life hack, and organise your cords with binder clips.

2. How to Safeguard Your Cables

Have you ever had charging wires that wore out and broke? Charging cables for smartphones and laptops are not inexpensive. Use a spring from an old pen to protect them with this amazing life hack.

3. A Convenient Way to Charge Your Phone

Have you ever needed to charge your phone and realised you’d misplaced your charging adaptor? Remember this helpful life hack and charge your phone using the USB connector on the back of a television.

4. Cleaning Your Electronics

Dust and filth can accumulate on computer keyboards and charging connections on equipment. To clean them, use this fantastic life hack. All you need is a squeezy ketchup bottle cap and a vacuum cleaner.

5. How to Keep Your Cables Organized

If you’re like most people, you’ve got a tangled mess of wires and cords somewhere in your house. Get organised with this simple life tip. A shoebox and a couple toilet paper rolls are all you need.

6. Charging Your Phone Anywhere There’s a Socket

Have you ever gone to charge your phone only to discover that there is no place for it and that your cable does not reach the floor? Don’t let your phone hang on the cord; instead, adopt this excellent life hack. A used plastic bottle and a pair of scissors are all you need.

7. How to Create Reliable Passwords You Can Remember

Use this real-life hack to keep your accounts safe! To increase the security of your passwords, use accented letters.

How to Prevent a Plug from Slipping Out of a Socket

Urgh! Isn’t this the most vexing thing? Not any longer. Simply pinch the prongs together to give your plug more hold.

9. How to Keep Your Headphones Clean While Traveling

Headphones have a short lifespan, so utilise this everyday life hack to lengthen their life. You only need a hair clip.

10 Ways to Make a Cozy Light

Make a comfortable glow wherever you are with this simple life hack. Simply turn on your smartphone flashlight and lay it beneath a water bottle.

Food-Related Life Hacks

Now, let’s look at some of the best kitchen hacks to try!
11. The Ice Cream Finishing Touch

When you’re done with a jar of Nutella, jelly, or peanut butter, don’t toss it away. Instead, recall this wonderful life hack and top it off with some ice cream.

12 Ways to Prevent Your Straw from Rising

If you’re tired of your straw poking out of your drink, try this genius life hack. Simply insert your straw into the can’s tab.

13 Ways to Prevent Popsicles from Dripping

Do you want to savour your popsicle without it dripping? Do your kids make a lot of messes when they eat popsicles? To catch the drips, poke the popsicle stick through a cupcake liner.

14 Ways to Store Pasta More Efficiently

This simple life tip can help you conserve cabinet space while also preventing pasta from breaking. You only need an empty Pringles can.

15. How to Make Better Iced Coffee

If you enjoy iced coffee, you probably don’t like it when it’s diluted by ice cubes. So, why not freeze coffee cubes? Using this fantastic life hack, you’ll never have to water down your iced coffee again.

How to Reseal Plastic Food Bags 16

When you run out of tupperware, use this simple life hack. Simply cut the top of a plastic bottle off and use it to make an airtight seal.

17. How to Peel a Boiled Egg Quickly

This fantastic life hack will save you time and effort! Eggshells will easily come off if you add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water.

How to Cut Soft Foods 18

This great life tip will teach you how to cut food like a master chef. To cut delicate foods neatly, use unscented floss.

19 Ways to Avoid Messy Cupcakes

This clever life hack makes it easier for kids to consume cupcakes — and it’s also ideal for a party! Simply bake cupcakes in ice cream cones instead of cupcake liners.

20. Serving Condiments at a BBQ

Instead of making work for yourself, try this simple life hack. Serve condiments in a muffin tin at a barbecue.

21. Where Can I Get More Food Bag Clips?

If you can’t find food bag clips, use this simple life hack. You only need an old clip hanger.

22. Starting a Fire Without Kindling

Consider this scenario: You’re all set for your BBQ, but you forgot to get some kindling! Not an issue. Simply remember this fantastic life trick and substitute tortilla chips.

23. How to Make Ice Water While You’re on the Go

Do you need ice-cold water on the go? Fill your water bottle halfway with ice and place it on its side to freeze.

24. Using a Standard Toaster to Make a Toasted Sandwich

Even if you don’t have a toasted sandwich maker, this simple life hack will help you prepare toasted sandwiches quickly. Simply place two slices in the same spot!

25. Reheating Leftovers

Have you ever eaten leftovers that you cooked in the microwave and discovered frigid patches? To guarantee that the food heats up evenly, spread it out on the plate and leave a space in the centre.

How to Keep Takeout Hot 26.

Turn on your seat warmer whenever you grab takeout to keep it warm on the way home.

27. How to Avoid Pancake Disasters

Making pancakes may be a messy process, so utilise this simple life hack to keep the mess to a minimum. Repurpose an old ketchup bottle as a container for storing and dispensing pancake mix.

28. How to Get Rid of Popcorn Kernels That Haven’t Been Popped

After you’ve made a bag of popcorn, gently open it. Then, turn it upside down and shake it over the trash to remove any unpopped kernels.

29. Making a Cookbook Holder

Use this brilliant life hack to keep your cookbook safe in the kitchen. You only need a clip hanger.

Life Hacks in General

Here are some general hacks to help you with small jobs.
30. Beach Safety: How to Keep Your Valuables Safe

Simply clean out an old bottle of lotion and store your phone, keys, and money in it.

31. How to Easily Identify Keys

With this simple life hack, you’ll never have to stumble around looking for the proper key again. Simply paint the tips of your keys with different coloured nail polish.

32. How to Repair Flip-Flops

Don’t put away split-hole flip-flops just yet. To extend their life, use a bread clip.

How to Clean Your Shower Head 33.

This wonderful life hack can assist you in saving time. Fill a sack with vinegar and wrap it around your shower head. When you return the next day, it will be as clean as a whistle!

34. How to Transport Grocery Bags

Tired of supermarket bags cutting into your hands? Instead, use this clever life hack and attach them to a carabiner.

35. How to Iron a Buttoned Shirt

With this simple life tip, you can make ironing easier. Turn your shirt inside out to easily iron over the buttons.

36. How to Make a Non-Dripping Ice Pack

To avoid drips, use this simple life tip. Place a moist sponge in a sealable bag and place it in the freezer.

37. How to Prevent Children from Falling Out of Bed

Fitted sheet, pool noodle, fitted sheet, fitted sheet, fitted sheet, fitted sheet, fitted sheet, fitted sheet, fitted sheet

38. How to Repair Dings in Wooden Furniture

Rub a couple of walnuts on the damaged wood to hide the scuffs and dings.

39. How to Remove Writing

Don’t scribble over checked out words if you don’t want others to be able to read them. Instead, scribble random numbers and letters on top of them.

40. How to Clean Fogged-Up Car Headlights

Do you have hazy headlights in your car? Clean them with toothpaste using this real-life technique.

41. Where Should You Keep Your Money?

This incredible life hack is ideal for trips or night out on the town. Clean up an old chapstick tube and put your money inside.

42. How to Remove Trash Without Using Suction

You know how garbage bags get stuck in the can because the vacuum creates suction? Not any longer, thanks to this simple life hack. Drill few holes in the bottom of your can to allow air to circulate freely.

43. How to Test the Life of a Battery

If you throw batteries on a table and they bounce once before falling over, they’re fine. They’re probably dead or on their way out if they bounce more than once.

44. Preventing Car Door Dings

For this simple life hack, all you need is an old pool noodle. Attach it to the garage wall to keep your automobile safe.

45. Untying Plastic Bags

With this simple life tip, you can untie knots faster. Instead of trying to untie the knot, twist the ends and push them together.

46. How to Deal with the Last Drop of Soap

When you finish a bar of soap and have a small bit left over, place it onto the fresh bar to make washing easier.

47. How to Decide Which Lane to Take

Don’t forget about this useful life trick. When you’re on the highway, signs will direct you to the appropriate lane so you may exit safely.

48. Identifying Your Luggage

Tie a little piece of brightly coloured ribbon to your luggage to save time and make it easier to find.

49. How to Stay Safe in an Emergency Situation

This incredible life hack has the potential to save your life. Consider carrying a card with your emergency medical information in your wallet or purse.

50. How to Pack Heavy Items When Relocating

Use this simple life tip to make relocating easier. Use a suitcase with wheels instead of a box for heavier stuff.

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