This is your superpower. Don’t squander it. – Deborah King

And then there are the rest, who fit somewhere in between.

As a member of my tribe, you know you’re here to make things happen.

From the moment you were born, you made things happen. Your presence mobilized your caregivers. You squeaked, cried, and grasped for what you needed. You didn’t hold back. And the caregivers in your universe responded – certainly not perfectly, but well enough that you made it through your infancy and into your childhood and beyond.

You used every moment you had back then to learn, explore, discover, experiment, and flourish as a youngster long before you learned that your moments aren’t limitless during any single incarnation. The world was your oyster. You made things happen.

You still are. So, what are the things you want to make happen today? How are you using NOW these days?

If you’re jumping out of bed every morning eager to welcome a new day, chances are you’re feeling surprisingly good about how you’re spending your nows. And that’s fabulous!


Let Me Tell You About NOW

Now is amoral. It doesn’t have preferences, druthers, or virtue. It’s a lot like money in that way. You can spend your now in whatever way you choose. It won’t judge. It’s just here to grease your skids so you can get wherever you want to go.

You can spend your now watching reruns of your favorite shows. You can spend it shopping, or trekking, or skydiving. You can spend it doing absolutely nothing at all. Right now, you’re spending your precious superpower with me. And I thank you for that, with all my heart!

What I’ve noticed in older folks who know they’re approaching their final days, is that they regret far more the things they didn’t get to than the things they did.

I don’t want that for you. I want you to leave this world feeling empty, like you did everything you set out to do, everything you wanted to do, before someone puts a tag on your toe!

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